Cario, Egypt

The Westown project aims to create a new piece of city within the adjacent desert, which offers both a potentially healthier climate and spares further encroachment on the fertile land of the Nile valley.

The key principles of the masterplan include high density and compact, mixed-use buildings, and an emphasis on creating public open spaces. Our strategy has been to think of the space between the buildings as a way to articulate the ideas for the building themselves.

A central Pedestrian Spine includes avenues of trees, shaded arcades and retail, leisure and entertainment buildings. The architectural quality of the arcades that define this central axis to Westown is intended to be timeless and ‘built to last’, with a vocabulary of concrete and stone to balance the ephemeral nature of the trees, planting and lighter structures that shade, soften and animate the environment.

Within the overall masterplan, individual neighbourhoods have been identified, each to have its own architectural character.


Solidere International
(Lebanon)/SODIC Company (Egypt)


10 ha
Cairo, Egypt