The Allies and Morrison masterplan assesses the group of buildings comprising St Peter’s College, which have been acquired in an ad-hoc manner over time as and when they have become available, and reviews their function in the context of location within the site and appropriateness of use. Extensive consultation identified an overriding need to create a sense of coherency and also a stronger identity for the College.

A masterplan strategy has led to a clear set of proposals for St Peter’s College which can be considered as a development framework for the site. The proposals have been broken down into a series of distinct projects, all of which combine to form a coherent whole. Some are discrete interventions such as the introduction of a bridge connecting two parts of the site, while others are larger and more significant in construction terms such as a new library building. The intention is that St Peter’s be revitalised, creating a physical environment to complement the College’s achievements in other spheres.


Bob Allies, Suzanna Heape, Donna Macfadyen, Katerina Mathioudaki, Graham Morrison, Nick Peri


St Peter's College
University of Oxford


St Peter's College
New Inn Hall Street
Oxford OX1