Pisa, Italy

This scheme for the restructuring of the Santa Chiara hospital site in Pisa was a finalist in an international competition to aid in the restoration of Pisa’s prominence and its reclassification as an Open City.

The hospital of Santa Chiara was founded in 1257 on a piece of agricultural land situated between the cathedral and the 12th Century city walls.

Proposals aim to reinstate this important symbol of the city as a recognisable space and route within the city for Pisans and visitors alike to socialise, learn, trade, and live.

Pisa rose to power as a centre of maritime trade. The waterways used during Roman times earned Pisa the nickname of ‘Ancient Venice’. These since-lost waterways contributed greatly to the north-south emphasis seen in the urban grain throughout the historic centre. The reconstructing of the Santa Chiara site continues this traditional urban grain by creating a link between the existing Via Nicola Pisano and the Piazza dei Miracoli in the form of a Largo, a combination of street and public square. This route has the potential to be one of three strategic routes through the city bringing tourists into the heart of the city and showcasing Pisa.


Commue di Pisa
Planning group
Arup Italia
LCA Luciano Cupelloni Architettura
Landscape Architect
Townshend Landscape Architects


International Competition
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