This proposal was made for an international open ideas competition sponsored by Sainsbury and the Architectural Review for the design of an out-of-town supermarket.

The primary strategy was the introduction of an intermediate external cloister separating the car park from the building and forming a threshold appropriate in scale to the spaces and uses either side. As a place of safety for children, and of tranquillity, the cloister would form part of a clear assembly of elements, including a car park, the supermarket and a petrol station, that would be visible from the adjacent elevated motorway, and comprehensive on the ground.

Dominating the composition of the supermarket was the roof, a simple sloping enclosure articulated only by sections of roof glazing that allow light through an elliptical diffuser into the sales area below. The interior space was shaped and oriented by a light, reflective awning suspended from steel trusses supported by two central columns.


Architectural Review


International Open Competition
1st Place