Lecture at Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, Essex by Bob Allies

Humanising the Townscape of high Density at The Building Society Symposium “Building the walkable and healthy city”, by Bob Allies
Reading 2050 opening lecture, part of Reading’s Year of Culture for the town at the Town Hall, Reading by Bob Allies
London Reclamation – The parallel stories of King’s Cross and Canary Wharf, for the Department of Architecture at Universita’ Degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome by Jason Syrett

Housing Design Awards, What you need to know to win, Keybride House case study, at London City Hall by Alfredo Caraballo
Battersea to the Barrier, with the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace, London, by Bob Allies
The regeneration of London’s Town Centres at The Building Centre, London by Steve Walker
Geography and Identity in relation to masterplans in the Middle East, World Architecture Festival, Dubai by Alfredo Caraballo

January 2016
Uk Urban Land Institute Winter Presentation on Urban Design and Development at Croydon, London by Bob Allies
ULI UK Winter Drinks: The Croydon Revival at King’s Cross London by Bob Allies
Urban Laboratory Research Seminar on University Development at University College London by Bob Allies
Reading 2050 Designers Workshop, University of Reading Architecture school, Bob Allies
Lecture on the regeneration of King’s Cross, London School of Economics, London by Peter Bishop
Lecture on the regeneration of King’s Cross, University of Singapore by Peter Bishop
Regeneration in London with case studies on the Royal Docks and Kings Cross, City of Ansan, Korea by Peter Bishop
Design for London, Taipei University, Taiwan by Peter Bishop
Taiwan Regeneration Conference on London, the Olympics and Kings Cross, by Peter Bishop

October 2015
Enduring performance – Design considerations for future proofing buildings, The Building Centre, London, case study on Ash Court by Max Kettenacker

June 2015
Lecture for the Slovenian Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning in Ljublyana, Slovenia by Chris Bearman

April 2015
UK-China Industrial Heritage Re-Use and Regeneration Forum at the Building Centre, by Jason Syrett

February 2015
Brighton College Regency Society, by Paul Appleton
Designing a mosque and a prayer ground at Slade Primary School, Kent by Simon Gathercole
Bankside – A Mapped Chronology a Pecha-Kucha presentation to Central St Martins students and local residents by Alex Wraight
Quantity vs Quality: Can we deliver and make great places? at AA School of Architecture by Bob Allies
The Fabric of Place at University of Liverpool by Bob Allies

November 2014
The Best of British at Faculty of Architecture, CTU, Prague by Graham Morrison
Croydon Conference Panel Debate in Croydon by Paul Appleton
Great British Buildings RIBA Tour and talk (Rambert) by Nick Peri
University of Lincoln (Southwark Street Studios and Rambert) by Nick Peri
NLA Nine Elms on the South Bank conference by Jason Syrett
East London Seminar at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London by Jason Syrett

October 2014
Lecture Sao Paulo in Brazil by Paul Appleton
Making Cities at UCL Bartlett by Simon Fraser
Design for Security at Goldsmiths College, Sociology Department by Helen Logan
LSBU Launch of Real Estate Chapter at Argent on Kings Cross Central  by Graham Morrison

July 2014
Southwark Projects at Union Street Partners investor conference by Artur Carulla

June 2014
RTPI East of England Conference on Neighbourhood Planning in Firstsite, Colchester by Steve Walker
Creating new cultural districts; South Bank, London at International Theatre Engineering Architecture Conference by Simon Fraser
Fabric of Place at LB Haringey by Bob Allies

May 2014
High Density Design at RTPI Centenary Housing event by Hendrik Heyns

April 2014
NLA South Quay Think Tank by Jason Syrett
Kings Cross at Kings Place, AIA by Bob Allies

March 2014
UNESCO World Heritage Sites at Kingston University by Paul Appleton

February 2014
Technical case study of South Place Hotel at University of Westminster by Mark Taylor
What can design contribute? at UCL Inst of Archaeology Urban Paradox conference by Bob Allies
Placemaking Kings Cross Central at Princes Foundation by Graham Morrison

January 2014
Allies and Morrison masterplanning at UCL Development Planning Unit by Artur Carulla
Southwark Projects at University of Nottingham by Artur Carulla
Imagining Doha at The University of Cambridge Department of Architecture by Simon Gathercole

December 2013
Re-imagining our High Streets: The changing face of the high street: decline and revival at The Hatton, London by Alistair MacDonald
Tour Blackfriars Road at NLA on Location SE1 by Artur Carulla
SE1 conference at NLA by Graham Morrison

November 2013
RICS East Conference at Robinson College Cambridge by Steve Walker
Technical aspects of retail architecture at University of Westminster by Mark Taylor
Design and Health Middle East 2013 in Qatar by Paul Appleton
The London Olympic Games site: From Conception to Regeneration – Challenges and solutions at Batimat, Paris, by Bob Allies

October 2013
International investment forum conference in Moscow by Graham Morrison
NLA Great Estates conference by Jason Syrett
The changing face of the high street: decline and revival at The Hatton, London by Alistair MacDonald
The Future of Town Centres at Royal Town Planning Institute Colchester by Antony Rifkin
The Future of Town Centres at Royal Town Planning Institute Manchester by Antony Rifkin
Allies and Morrison Work at London Guide Lecturers Association by Artur Carulla

September 2013
Open House masterplanning lecture to Catalan architects by Bob Allies
Reading Re-born at Thames Valley Property Forum by Robert Maxwell

July 2013
We Made 2012 – Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park at NLA Building Centre by Simon Fraser
Presentation to Chinese Architects visit organised via RIBA by Joanna Bacon
St Swithin’s School careers presentation by Joanna Bacon

June 2013
King’s Cross at Argent LLDC planners by Bob Allies

May 2013
KXC Evolution Post Planning at RIAS convention, Inverness by Bob Allies

April 2013
The Old Town Masterplan at Connected Croydon Design Summit by Simon Gathercole

March 2013
361 Conference at Mumbai RV School of Architecture and InCite Gallery Bangalore by Graham Morrison
Where next for our historic High Streets at Royal Society of Arts London by Antony Rifkin
From Games to Legacy: Masterplanning the 2012 Olympics at Fit Cities, GLA by Bob Allies

February 2013
Designing relationships at University of Nottingham by Bob Allies

January 2013
Blackfriars public realm at University of Nottingham by Artur Carulla

October 2012
2012 Legacy at Architectural Association London by Bob Allies
Masterplanning the Olympic Legacy at The Bartlett London by Bob Allies
The Reasons Why at Oxford Architecture Society by Bob Allies

September 2012
King’s Cross at NLA Pecha Kucha by Graham Morrison

July 2012
Croydon conference at NLA by Bob Allies

March 2012
Cultivating the City at University of Sheffield by Bob Allies

February 2012
Urban Regeneration at Architectural Association by Bob Allies