over 30 years of practice we have developed particular interests and a depth of expertise in specific areas:


As architects and urbanists, and Building Design Masterplanning & Public Realm Architect of the Year 2014, we have a reputation for expertise in the design of successful mixed-use masterplans, as


Our expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) is very well-advanced.

Urban Practitioners

Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners was formed in 2011 through the merger of Allies and Morrison with planning, urban design, and consultation practice Urban Practitioners. The Allies and Morrison

Making Heritage Work

We specialise in placing confident, resonant, modern development into historic sites,


Making models is an integral part of our design process and a vivid and direct means of communication. Our in-house modelshop makes models to explain and clarify, bridging the gap between

Environmental Design

In each of our projects, and in the operation of our business and the buildings we inhabit, we adopt integral and robust, sustainable, long-term strategies for environmental design.


Through the expertise of our architects and specialists with backgrounds in interior,


Our in-house graphics team works closely with architects to produce reports, submission, presentation and exhibition material throughout the life of each project.

Technical Innovation

We are known for our expertise in the craft of making buildings, for quality and attention to detail. We research, appraise and develop new building materials and technologies,

Drawing and Visualisation

We place great importance on the quality of drawings we produce, from sketches which

Furniture Design

Our in-house furniture studios specialises in designing and making bespoke contemporary