Anna Gibb and Siu Lon Liu have donated original artworks for Article 25’s 2015 10×10 London charity auction. The event, which takes place on 1 December at the Royal Institute of British Architects, will help raise funds for the work of Article 25, who design and oversee the construction of safe, appropriate buildings in the developing world.

10×10 London divides an area of the city into a 10×10 grid. The resulting squares are them allocated to prominent architects, designers and artists, who create 100 unique perspectives of London.

Siu Lon Liu was assigned Bermondsey as his focus and Anna Gibb Fulham. Each have explained their drawings below.

Siu Lon Liu
Taking inspiration from Rudyard Kiplings, The River’s Tale, the drawing intends to give a brief historical snapshot of the Thames. Along with the past, there is also a glimpse of what London could be.

Twenty bridges from Tower to Kew–
(Twenty bridges or twenty-two)–
Wanted to know what the River knew,
For they were young, and the Thames was old
And this is the tale that River told:-

The River’s Tale, Rudyard Kipling

Anna Gibb
Rowberry Mead to Cubitt Town

The triptych of diminishing sizes, decreasing as the River Thames winds away from Fulham, conveys with its meandering river path the rich tapestry of London. Each picture reflects an interest in the historical and geographical influences of the areas depicted. It begins with Rowberry Mead – once the finest cherry orchard in England – as it would have been in the late 19th century, and ends with the burgeoning metropolis of Canary Wharf, with a sky line as it may appear in years to come.


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