Shortlisted for AJ100 Building of the Year

The Maurice Wohl Neurosciences Institute, designed by Allies and Morrison with PM Devereux, has been shortlisted for the AJ100 Building of the Year. A new clinical research facility for King’s College London at its Denmark Hill hospital campus, the building is one of Europe’s largest centres for multidisciplinary neuroscience. It brings together cutting-edge research and clinical therapies under one roof.

The new building provides an important urban function, framing a new public court by bringing together neighbouring buildings on the campus and the adjacent residential street. Perhaps its most distinguishing feature is its exterior envelope. A series of patinated brass panels, many of them veiled and independently motorised, create rich and beautiful facades. Allowed to weather naturally, no two panels are the same.

The centre is one of six buildings to be shortlisted; the winner will be selected on 8 June. More on the shortlist can be found at The Architects’ Journal here.