The King’s Cross Zone T Cooling Pod for King’s Cross Masterplan has been approved by Camden Council. The building will provide a centralised cooling generation plant for a number of buildings within the King’s Cross Central limited Partnership (KCCLP) development. The building optimises the sustainable generation of energy through Tri-generation (combined heat, power & cooling), allowing the site wide CHP to be more efficiently used throughout the year.

The Cooling Pod fronts two very different urban contexts with railways to the west and office buildings to the east. As a result the external envelope has been designed to respond to each context appropriately. The railway elevation provides a ‘theatrical’ response to a transient audience. A series of metal fin components screen the functional array of louvres and vents behind, and set up a diagonal inflection which dynamically engages with shifting views from moving trains.

The office facing elevation is a more urban fa├žade. It is subdivided to suggest a more domestic scale at the six metre radial structural grid which orders the repeating door panels and architectural fins. The end elevations are conceived as ‘bookends’ to the building.

Finally the roof of the Cooling Pod has an extensive wildflower green roof. Air outlet attenuation units are represented as chimney elements reflecting the wider urban infrastructure function of the building. They also recall steam locomotives, alongside the railway lines.