We are pleased to invite you to visit Allies and Morrison’s Southwark Street design studios on 19 September from 9am to 5pm as part of Open House. We will be hosting architect-led tours of our various studios and model shop as well as the recently completed studio addition at 89 Southwark Street and Farnham Place.

In conjunction with Open House, Allies and Morrison will be hosting an exhibition of architectural drawings by Ian Sutherland from his 26 years with the practice on the ground floor space of our 85 Southwark Street studio. On display will be a range of Ian’s drawings, from early hand drawn images to large scale prints generated from computer models.

In addition, a number of events and tours will be taking place across our King’s Cross Masterplan project, which covers 67 acres in North London. These include the Energy Centre which is being made accessible to the public and regular tours of King’s Cross, which will explore gardens, archaeology and heritage. These tours can be booked via